BRG Facts


BRG Research Services is a fully centralized, integrated market research and data collection center.


BRG Research Services was established in 1987 in Provo, Utah; one of the nation´s leading call center sectors. BRG is one of the top 100 fastest growing companies in Utah.


BRG Research Services offers tabulations, data entry, coding, phone and web based research, focus group recruiting, mail surveying and Spanish capabilities at affordable prices with quick turn around time and rigorous quality control.

BRG Research Services uses CATI software, Excel, SPSS, SAS, Column Binary, ASCII, StatXP and TabXP. Data collection methodologies include structured CATI interviews, Internet-based surveys, in-depth interviews over the telephone, on-site personal interviews, mail studies and data entry or a combination of sited techniques. Virgil OnlineSM, BRG's proprietary client portal, allows clients to track the progress of their project 24 hours a day.


BRG Research Services is the trusted partner of such companies as Survey Center, Direction's Research, and Cahners In-Stat Group. Some of our direct customers include Burger King, Ferrari A.G., Hewlett Packard, Fleet Financial Services, YPBR Advertising and AAA.

Executive Management

Luis Carter; President
Cheramie Child; Human Resources
Eddie Traxler; Project Manager
Kayline Hansen; Project Manager
Brandon Olsen; Project Manager


BRG Research Services | 313 East 1200 South, Suite 200, Orem, UT 84058

Media Contact

Cheramie Child;